Complete Metal Fabrication Company - Southern NW Ohio

Business Description

This full service well established (40 years) metal product company has extensive experience and expertise in all forms of metal fabrication, including welding, forming and machining. It has the equipment/machinery and personnel to saw, laser, sandblast, press bake, machine (CNC Mill and Lathe), weld, fabricate and powder coat finish most any metal project.

Financial Performance

· Consistent Gross Annual Revenues of $4M

· Consistent Seller Discretionary Earnings of $1.5M

Why A Great Opportunity – Major Attributes

*Growth Potential is very real and imminent

*Great reputation and well established long term customers

*Great capabilities per staff and equipment/machinery

*Plant Manager willing to stay on board

*Well maintained and set up building

Reason For Selling: Owners desire to retire and they recognize the company is poised to expand beyond their current willingness and capabilities.

Asking Prices:

Business: $5.5M

Real Estate: Sale or Lease at TBD FMV