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Confidential Business Sales - Sell An Ohio Business

Confidentiality &  Financial Qualification - Selling Your Business

Utilizing BNO to sell your business will ensure that an experienced and professional business broker is handling the sale of your business and that the identity of such and its confidential information will not be disclosed to a party until after it has been properly financially qualified and has executed a Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Agreement.

BNO discreetly procures the initial interest of prospective buyers through generic descriptions of your business and then requires its 2-step procedure: Financial Qualification and Confidentiality Agreement Execution.

BNO does not waste its or your time with financially unqualified inquiries and BNO ensures confidentiality. BNO does not blast to the world that your business is for sale like in the real estate for sale world.

Such can cause irreparable harm with respect to your employees, customers, and competition.


BNO Selling Services

  • Strict confidentially and buyer pre-qualification
  • Preparation of a business summary: expedites transaction and maximizes sale price
  • Business consultation to maximize sale price
  • Transaction structure advice
  • Tailored marketing

John is very well connected, organized and follows thru with all details in a timely and competent manner. BNO was able to sell our business in a fast and efficient manner for what we felt was a very fair price. I have known John for many, many years and he is a true professional, and BNO is a top notch organization that gets results.