Dayton Janitorial Services Company - SOLD

Under Contract

Business Description, History, Services, and Footprint: A full service Dayton, Ohio area commercial janitorial business that primarily provides daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning services on a contract basis. It also performs some one-time deep cleaning, construction clean-up, carpet, floor (strip and wax), and window cleaning projects. It can provide its client with paper products, liners, and soaps, etc., along with all cleaning supplies. Began in 2013 and in each year since has experienced consistent steady growth in its contract customer base.

Customer Profile: It currently has 17 contracted clients (many long term), ranging from one-time every other week to 5 times a week, consisting of auto dealerships, light industrial, office, recreational, and medical facilities. It also has non-contract repetitive customers for strip and wax, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and construction clean-up work. It has the opportunity to serve some of its Dayton contract clients’ operations in the Cincinnati and Columbus areas, if it desires. Two new clients have just been contracted.

Physical Assets: Auto scrubbers, buffers, general janitorial equipment, office furniture and equipment plus an outfitted 2013 Ford Transit Connect Van.

Financial Performance:


Staff: The staff currently consists of one full-time supervisor at $12/hour and sixteen part-time cleaning personnel ranging from $9/hour to $12/hour depending upon experience, performance, and length of service with the company.

The staff utilizes a Timeworks Mobile App to tract their time in and time out at the work sites.

Building Lease Information: It is currently leasing approximately 1,200 sq. ft. through the 31st day of May, 2018 at $900/mo. A copy of the Lease Agreement can be provided upon request.

Asking Price: $249,000 - includes inventory.