Fund Raising Business - SOLD

This fund raising business has been assisting NW Ohio and SE Michigan public schools and notable nonprofit organizations since 1993. Its unique proven system professionally solicits the purchase of and then also delivers items such as trash bags, light bulbs, pizzas, cookie dough, nuts and coffee without the involved organizations having to utilize volunteers for either process. The organization merely needs to promote each fundraising campaign and assist in identifying a call list. At its height, this business exceeded $500,000 in annual revenues. However, due to the owners' health and age, the annual revenues have lapsed to about half of that.

Attractive Features

• A unique and well established turn-key business with a great reputation that benefits the good of the community

• Current customers with bi-annual fundraising campaigns

• Former customers with which to reconnect

• Purchaser/Donator lists for each current and former customer

• Efficient call center

• Walk-in freezer

Great Opportunity

The business is currently breaking even on account of the inability of the owners to maintain established and to create new organization relations due to their health and age. Thus, the owners are only seeking $25,000 for this turn-key opportunity. The owners truly want to put the business in good hands so that it may continue to serve programs and projects of area schools and non-profit organizations.

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