Business Network of Ohio Specializes in Manufacturing Businesses!


BNO has recently brokered the sale of a timberframe manufacturing company, a metal finishing company, an abrasive cleaning and coating company, two machine shops (one near Columbus and one near Toledo) plus a rebar manufacturing company (near Dayton).


BNO has brokered the sale of these manufacturing type businesses in a very confidential manner – not exposing the intent to sell to employees, customers/clients, or competitors. During the course of such confidential marketing, BNO has obtained, on average, about 50 inquiries for each business. Obviously, only one inquiry per business can end up being an ultimate buyer. Accordingly, BNO has accumulated quite a list of parties currently seeking various types of manufacturing type businesses throughout Ohio. Plus, BNO continues to receive inquiries as to the availability of machine shops and other manufacturing type businesses throughout Ohio on practically a daily basis. Thus, BNO’s Buyer List for manufacturing type businesses continues to grow.

Most manufacturing type businesses have experienced a very good trailing 12 to 24 month period. This has created great interest and an opportunity to get deals financed at maximum sale prices via BNO’s experience and expertise. How long this situation will continue is obviously an unknown. Accordingly, the present is a great time to seriously consider selling with the assistance of BNO, if a contemplated sale is on the horizon.

BNO is very familiar with the current multiples being utilized to determine the valuation of manufacturing type businesses, plus, BNO has strong connections and relationships with very qualified and experienced valuation experts that will assist in providing a valuation to support and justify a maximum asking price.

BNO knows the type of information a manufacturing type business seeking buyer will want along with such buyer’s involved accountant, lawyer, and lender. BNO has perfected a proven system of compiling and presenting such information in its most favorable light to only qualified buying inquirers in a confidential and non-disclosure manner.


BNO’s Buyer List, network of professionals with business buying clients, access to private equity groups/ family offices, and its on-line and direct mail marketing abilities will ensure interest from acquiring parties willing to offer very favorable terms. BNO also has well established lending connections, including SBA lenders, that will facilitate the completion of a business and involved real estate sale.

BNO can provide references as to past and current satisfied business selling clients and involved professionals who will confirm that BNO performs in a very professional manner throughout the entire, often tumultuous, process of selling a business and involved real estate.

If you own a machine shop or manufacturing type business and have an interest in selling, now is a great time to do so. We work with small manufacturing businesses for sale to large manufacturing companies for sale.

If you would like to confidentially discuss the sale of your manufacturing company with an experienced business broker who has handled the sale of many manufacturing type businesses, plus, is also an experienced business transaction attorney, please contact John Naayers at 419-720-5095 or

If you are looking to buy a manufacturing business, please contact us as well.